Saturday, 7 June 1975

Exposing a Vaişņava Troll

(Originally posted in my answer on the Analysis of Devī Sūktam)

It has been noted that a Vaişņava gentleman Mr. Vijendra Singh Ahluwalia has given a wonderful answer to OP of this question, and he has been supported by notable Vaişņavas on Quora like Tribhuvananath Dasa, Seema, Vinay Singh, Pratik Tangadi, Akash M Angadi, Ganapati Govind Das, Tanuja, Shreyas Narasimhan, Krishna Priyaa, Venkat, Suprakash Chowdhury, Dweep Das, Devi Chandika and Manish Kumar. So in order to show my gratitude towards all these great Vaişņava people, allow me to narrate a story:

Once upon a time there lived a Quora User, who had this habit of drafting outrageous troll questions to target Śaivas and Śāktas.

Not satisfied with the answers that other Quora Users would post (since those answers would not create conflict between Śaivas/Śāktas and Vaişņavas) this great Quora User would answer his own troll questions.

Not only this, this great Quora User also had this habit of demonising Śaivas and Śāktas by making false allegations against them and hence gain sympathy of Vaişņavas, who would get yet another reason for hating Śiva & Śakti, Śaivas & Śāktas.

So one fine day, an Angry Old Bat got very very angry upon seeing this great Quora User fooling his own followers (and appeasing some of the anti-Śiva/anti-Śakti Vaişņavas) and attempting to hijack Devī Sūktam, Devī Māhātmya & Śrīmad Devī Bhāgavata Mahāpurāņa by discrediting Bhagavatī Kālikā and falsely attributing these three Śākta works to Śrī Rādhikā. So the Angry Old Bat thought “Why not debunk all these false claims made by this Great Quora User and at the same time expose his dishonest acts as well?”

And thus, my answer to Mr. Vijayendra Singh Ahluwalia’s TROLL QUESTION came into being.

I am quite aware of the unity among Vaişņavas and the strength of their fraternity. They support each other no matter what, because to they judge a person by his/her being a Vaişņava and not Karma. So my dear Vaişņavas, if you want to disregard the fact that one of you has been dishonest with you and support his questionable actions, go for it; gang up against me, downvote & report my answer so that it collapses try to discredit Bhagavatī Kālikā as the deity of Devī Sūktam and falsely attribute it to Śrī Rādhikā.

But remember one thing, Quora is not the only platform where I am active; whenever there would be attempts of hiding the truth with falsehoods and discredit Bhagavatī Kālikā of Her magnanimity, by Parābhațțārikā’s grace I will intervene into the situation and debunk all hoax claims.

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