Friday, 5 February 2016

Krishna is Kali's Avatar

Adya Kali and Mahakala Bhairava

After Mahapralaya had occurred, to receive the seeds of creation, Adya Kali indulged in reverse-copulation with Lord Mahakala. Their bed was the corpses of Sadashiva, Kameshvara, Rudra, Vishnu & Brahma laid atop one another, placed on a burning cremation pyre amidst the Mahasmashana Mandala.
After dallying to their heart's content, Lord Mahakala said "Parameshani! I wonder what do you feel when you sit atop me, throbbing in the pleasure of Viparita Rati. I am your devotee eternally. Oh Kalike! Have mercy on me, and bestow this boon upon me that I may get opportunity to feel same way as you."

Kali as Krishna, Shiva as Radha

Adya Kali said "Oh Parameshvara! Thou who governs as Sadashiva, deludes as Kameshvara, creates as Brahma, sustains as Vishnu and finally annihilates as Rudra at my behest! Thou have spoken of my heartiest wish. My Lord! I am always thine servant forever. For my selfless love for thou, I must take up a masculine form by forsaking my Yoni in Dvapara Yuga, at thine behest. I must take two-fold incarnations; one as Govinda, the son of Devaki; another as Ekanamsha, the daughter of Yashoda. Oh my beloved husband! Be gracious upon me by incarnating as Raseshvari, the daughter of Vrishabhanu. Let the Eight Bhairavas be the eight Bharyas and Eight Matrikas be the 16000 wives. Let Vishnu be Balabhadra and let the fifteen Nityas be Gopikas."


Thereafter, by placing Her Yoni at Kamarupa and took two-fold incarnations of Krishna and Kaushiki. Krishna emerged from the womb of Devaki and was raised by Yashoda to slay Kamsa. On the other hand Kaushiki manifested from the outer sheath of Parvati and emerged from the womb of Yashoda to slay Sumbha and Nisumbha.
To accompany Adya Kali's Krishna Avatar, Lord Mahakala appeared as Radha and had clandestine union.

(This has been adapted from Shakta Mahabhagavatam)
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