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Why is worship of Ma Durga so strict and difficult?

Ma Durga at Belur Math, Howrah

The path of Adya Shakti Mahamaya is Tantra, which demands its followers to confront and laugh at the face of death. Devi is Mahamaya and deludes all Jivas; but if propitiated, She liberates as Brahmavidya:

"Even so men are hurled into the whirlpool of attachment, the pit of delusion, through the power of Mahamaya, the creatrix of world. This Mahamaya subjects Vishnu, the Lord of the world, to the Yogic slumber. It is by Her the Jivas are deluded. Verily this Bhagavati, the Mahamaya forcibly drawing the minds of even the wise, throws them into delusion. She creates this entire universe, both moving and unmoving. It is She who, when appeased, bestows boons upon human beings for Moksha. She is Brahmavidya personified, the cause of Moksha, and eternal; She is the cause of the bondage of transmigration and the sovereign over all lords.” (Devi Mahatmyah  1:53-58)

A Jiva is eternal, it's nature being truth, consciousness and bliss. Transcendental to fretters of world, a Jiva is a part and participle of Supreme Brahman. But when Jiva gets deluded by Maya/Avidya, it forgets its true nature and wanders on earth, transmigrating repeatedly in an unending cycle of birth-death-rebirth. Jiva begins associating itself with the body and  gets tangled in attachments, like a fly gets tangled in a spider's web. This can be better understood if the readers of this answer read the story of King Suratha and a merchant Samadhi in the following link:

Story of King Suratha

After reading this blog, I guess the readers can join dots with one another and finally reach the correct conclusion that for Moksha, foresaking attachments is crucial, and for that, propitiating Adya Shakti is mandatory. Thus, this explains why Sadhana of Shakti is difficult.

Joy Ma.
om naMaSCaNDikAye l
om naMo: AdyAye ll

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