Thursday, 1 January 1970

Ratri Suktam (Rig Veda)

Rig Veda, 10th Mandala, 10th Anuvaka, 127th hymn

The seer of this Ratri Suktam is Kushika, Ratri (Kalika) is deity, meter is Gayatri, for the appeasement of Jagadamba the recital of this appendix to Saptashati is a must.

Om. All pervading Lady of the world Ratri has Her eyes everywhere and has adorned Herself in an enlightening enchanting universal form, that bestows the fruits of the deeds of Jivas. 1

Eternally righteous Ratri has pervaded from upper to lower parts of the inverted tree of Samsara. 2

This Goddess Ratri dispels the all-consuming potency of Avidya. Thus, the Avidya looses its true nature. 3

We are thus praying to Kalika with this Ratri Suktam; may that Bhuvaneshvari be pleased with us. By Her blessings birds spend their nights in their own nests; likewise, may we Jivas too attain our true blissful selves (Attain Moksha). 4

By mercy of this merciful Bhuvaneshvari, mortal villagers, cattle, birds, material mongers and even predators like hawks etc sleep in peace. 5

Oh Mother Kalika! You are merciful. By ignoring our sinister nature, please save us from the predators like desire, sin etc and by driving away our desires clear our intellect. Thus, redeem us from the ocean of materialism and be our bestower of Moksha. 6

Oh Ratri Devi! The intoxicating, dark and Tamasic ignorance is in front of me. Oh illuminating Goddess! Please dispel my ignorance. 7

Oh Ratri Devi! Like a Milch cow, I eulogise you with divine hymns. Oh all-pervading sky-like damsel! By your blessings let me win over enemies like lust etc. Please accept my oblation 8

Thus ends Rig Vedic Ratri Suktam.

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