Thursday, 1 January 1970

Meditation of Chandika

ll Meditation of Chandika ll

Om prostrations to Chandika

Om. She who is reddish like hibiscus in complexion and is seated on a seat of five skulls; whose crown has a rising crescent moon studded as a gem; who wears a garland of skulls/severed heads and has firm breasts like pitchers; who is three-eyed and clad in red garments; who holds a book, a rosary while displaying the gestures of bestowing boons and fearlessness serially; I meditate upon the that Supreme Goddess (Bhairavi) of excellent features, whom all Agamic scriptures eulogise. 

That Chandika who is the destroyer of Asuras Madhu & Kaitabha and vanquisher of Mahishasura; who is the slayer of Dhumralochana, Chanda & Munda and who ingested Raktabija; who is the Supreme Energy (of Sadashiva) that killed Asuras Shumbha & Nishumbha and bestower of fruits of actions; who has nine million forms/who is served by nine million goddesses, may that Mother of all worlds sustain me.
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