Thursday, 1 January 1970

Devi Suktam

Rig Veda, 10th Mandala, 10th Anuvaka 125th Suktam

Om prostrations to Chandika

Om. The seer of this Devi Suktam is Vagambhrini, deity is Adi Parashakti, Jagati is Dvitiya, meters are Shishthanam & Trishtup, for the appeasement of Jagadamba recital of this Devi Suktam after Chandipath is mandatory.

Om. I am the Eleven Rudras, Eight Vasus, Twelve Adityas and all Vishvadevas. I am the pervader of Mitra and Varuna. I pervade Indra, Agni and Ashvini twins. 1
I am both Shiva as well as Shakti, the slayer of the foes of Devas; I pervade Tvashta and also the two suns, Pusha and Bhaga. I satisfy the Devas with excellent oblations and bestower of fruits to the Yajamana, who presents Somaras prepared by observing all rites. 2
I am the sovereign of all worlds, bestower of assets to Upasakas and one who enlightens the Jiva of its non-duality with Parabrahman. Thus all those whom oblations are to be offered during a Yajna, I am Supreme among them all. I am the universe personified, existing in multiple forms and one who pervades all life-forms as Jivatma. I am the one whom the Yajamanas among Devas and Humans pray to. 3
By my energy, all can eat, see, breathe, and hear. Those who do not recognise me as all-pervading, are contaminated with cyclic birth and deaths or are lowest within Samsara. Oh renowned friend of mine! I am imparting upon you the Brahmavidya that enhances devotion. 4
The Brahmavidya for which Devas and Humans pray, I am imparting that myself. I am the all-pervading Nirguna Parabrahman. Those whom I feel like, I make them great. I make someone Brahma, I make someone a sage and I make others seekers of Brahman, all by my Divine will. 5
I am the Shakti who shot the fierce Tripurasuras (Tarakaksha, Kamalaksha & Vidyunmali) with a single arrow and thus plucked the bow-string of Lord Rudra’s bow. For the welfare of devotees, I fight fierce battles and pervade heaven and earthly regions as Antaryamini. 6
I am the one who begot the two abodes of Paramatma (Kashi and Goloka). The Brahmavidya obtained while intellectual studies is my abode.  I pervade both the spiritual as well as material realms. I reside in both the abodes of Paramatma by assuming various forms by virtue of my Maya. 7
I am the creatrix of both spiritual and material realms and dwell in both freely like air. Although I am Nirguna Brahman and transcendental to the skies and earth, yet I assume the form of this world and all entities by my free will. 8
Om tat sat Om.
Thus ends the Rig Vedic Devi Suktam.
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