Thursday, 1 January 1970

Devi Kavach

Om. The seer of this armour of Devi is Brahma, meter is Anushtup, Chamunda (Chandika) is deity, for the appeasement of Jagadamba the recital of this appendix to Saptashati is a must.

Om prostrations to Chandika.

Om. Sage Markandeya said:
Oh grandfather, in the world, if there is something that is auspicious for all but is kept in utmost secrecy and has never been revealed to anyone, please tell me about that. 1
Brahma said:
Oh intelligent one! The virtuous armour of The Supreme Mother Goddess is a secret and good to all Jivas. Oh great sage! Listen to it with attention. 2
First Shailaputri, second Brahmacharini, third Chandraghanta, fourth Kushmanda, fifth Skandamata, sixth Katyayani, seventh Kalaratri, eighth Mahagauri and ninth is Siddhidatri. These nine are renowned as Nava Durga, and these names have been eulogised in all Vedas. 3-5
Those who seek refuge in The Supreme Mother Goddess while trapped in fire, battlefield, in company of enemies and terrible calamities, no harm can touch them and they aren’t subjected to ailments or sorrows. 6-7
Those who remember you (Chandika) daily with devotion, their prosperity increases. Oh Supreme Divine Lady ! Those who remember you always, you protect them; there is no doubt in that. 8
Chamunda on corpse, Varahi on buffalo, Aindri on elephant, Vaishnavi on Garuda, Narasimhi of great valour, Shivaduti of great strength, Maheshvari on bull, Kaumari on peacock, Lakshmi the beloved of Vishnu, seated on lotus and holding another lotus, Ishvari of white-complexion on bull and bejewelled Brahmi on swan; these are eleven Matrikas, all of whom are exponents of Yoga, bejewelled with divine necklaces, best pearls, vivid gems and different jewelleries. 9-13
Extremely furious, riding a chariot, bejewelled with gems Indranila, Mahanila and Padmaraga etc, the Supreme Mother Goddess is armed with conch-shell, discus, mace, spear, ploughshare, shield, pestle, battle-axe, noose, sword, trident, Sharanga bow and other divine weapons. Oh Devi of great & fierce exploits! Oh Chandike of awe-inspiring & formidable appearance! Prostrations to thee! 14-17
Oh Devi of great strength, oh Chandike of great enthusiasm, oh Durge the dispeller of great fears, oh formidable Kalike, oh inspirer of fear among enemies; redeem me. 18
May Aindri in east and Agni in the direction of Agni protect me; May Varahi in south and Khadgadharini in the direction of Niritti protect me. 19
May Varuni in west and Mrigavahini in the direction of Vayu protect me; May Kauberi in north and Shuladharini in north-east protect me. 20
May Brahmani in north, Vaishnavi elsewhere and corpse-rider Chamunda everywhere protect me. 21
May Jaya protect my front and Vijaya protect my back; May Ajita protect my left and Aparajita protect my right. 22
May Dyotini protect my tuft of hair, Uma protect my head, Maladhari my face and Yashasvini my eye-brows. 23
May Chitranetra protect my two eyes, Yamaghanta both my sides and three-eyed Chandika my middle-part. 24
May Shankhini protect my blind spot, Dvaravasini my ears, Kalika my skull and Shankari the base of my outer ears. 25
May Sugandha protect my nose, Charchika my upper lip, Amrita Bala my lower lip and Sarasvati my tongue. 26
May Kaumari protect my teeth, Chandika my throat, Chitraghanta my buccal cavity and Mahamaya my palate. 27
May Kamakshi protect my chin, Sarvamangala my speach, Bhadrakali my neck and Dhanurdhari my spinal cord. 28
May Nilagriva protect my outer neck, Nalakubari my oesophagus, Khadgini my shoulders and Vajradharini both my arms. 29
May Dandini protect both my hands, Ambika my fingers, Shuleshvari my finger nails and Nareshvari my armpits. 30 
May Mahadevi protect my breasts, Shokavinashini chest, Lalita my heart and Shuladharini my belly. 31
May Kamini protect my navel, Guhyeshvari my anus, Durgandha my senses and Guhyavahini my genitals. 32
May Bhagavati protect my waist, Meghavahana my groin, Mahabala my thighs and Madhavanayika my knees. 33
May Narasimhi protect my ankles, Kaushiki my feet, Sridhari my toes and Patalavasini my under-feet. 34
May Damshtrakarali protect my toe nails, Urdhvakeshini my hair, Kaumari my fur and Yogeshvari my skin. 35
May Parvati protect my blood, bone-marrow, fat, flesh, bones and liver, Kalaratri my weapons and Mukuteshvari my bile. 36
May Parvati protect my lungs, Chudamani my mucus, Jvalamukhi the sheen of my nails and Abhedya my glands. 37
May Brahmi protect my gametes, Chhatreshvari my shadow, and Dharmadharini my pride, heart and intellect. 38
May Kalyanashobhana Vajrahasta protect my five-fold life-forces (Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana and Samana). 39
May Yogini protect my essence, form, fragrance, words & touch, and Narayani my Satva, Raja & Tama. 40
May Varahi protect my age, Parvati my Dharma, Vaishnavi my fame, magnanimity and prosperity. 41
May Indrani protect my Gotra, Chandika my cattle, Mahalakshimi my sons (male disciples) and Bhairavi my devotion. 42
May Dhaneshvari protect my assets, Kaumari my daughter (female disciple), Supatha the path of my life and Kshemankari the path of my destination. 43
May Mahalakshmi protect me at the gates of the royal citadel, Vijaya in all places and Jayanti Papanashini all those places/organs which aren’t protected. One must recite this all-auspicious armour hymn daily. 44-45
Oh intelligent one! This secret has been with devotion revealed to you by me. If you wish good of yourself, then don’t take even a single step without this armour. 46
By wearing this armour on daily basis, wherever you will go, there you will gain livelihood and success. Whatever a human wishes after reciting this armour, is granted and that person attains incomparable prosperity. 47-48
Reciter of this armour hymn is fearless and invincible and is honoured in the three worlds. 49
This armour of Devi, is rare even to the Devas. The person who recites it thrice a day, he/she acquires traits of Devi, becomes invincible in three realms, and by conquering untimely death lives for hundred years. 50-51
Bite of arachnids, ulcers, diseases, loss of nutrients, snake-bites and artificial venom are unable to subject the reciters of this hymn. 52
Mantras and Yantras of black magic, Bhucharas, Khecharas, Kulajas, Upadeshikas, Sahajas, Malas, Dakinis, Shakinis, Ghoras, aliens, Maharavas, Grahas, Bhutas, Pishachas, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Rakshasas, Brahmarakshasas, Vetalas, Kushmandas and Bhairavas flee upon seeing a person protected by this armour hymn. The person protected by this armour excels in success. 53-56
The fame and name of such protected person increases. Oh sage! This all wish-fulfilling armour hymn must be recited mentally with utmost devotion. 57
After reciting this armour hymn only, one must proceed with recital of Saptashati. By doing so, Chandipath and its subsequent results would be without any obstacles. 58
As long as earth with all its mountains forests and grooves, carried by Ananta Naga will exist, so will the descendents of the reciter of Saptashati. 59
By blessings of Mahamaya, the reciter after death would attain Moksha, which is rare even to Devas. 60
That person would go to the highest abode, Shivaloka and will never take another birth. Such person would remain with Lord Shiva and thus attain Samipya Moksha.
Thus ends Devi Kavacha by Hari, Hara and Brahma.   
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