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Chapter two (Slaying of Mahishasura's army)

Om prostrations to Chandika.

Om. The seer of this intermediate Charitra is Vishnu, deity is Mahalakshmi, meter is Ushnik, Shakti is Shakambhari, Bija is Durga, Tatva is Vayu, form is of Yajur Veda, for the appeasement of Mahalakshmi, recital of intermediate Charitra is a must.

Om. She who holds rosary, battle-axe, mace, arrow, thunderbolt, lotus, bow, water-pot, staff, spear, sword, shield, conch-shell, bell, wine-cup, trident, noose and discus Sudarshana in Her eighteen hands, is three-eyed and seated on lotus, I meditate upon that Mahalakshmi, the slayer of Mahishasura. 

Om prostrations to Chandika.

The sage said: 1

In the year of yore when Mahishasura was the ruler of Asuras and Indra the ruler of Devas, there was a war between for a hundred years. 2
In that the army of the Devas was vanquished by the valorous asuras, and after defeating Devas, Mahishasura became the lord of heaven(and thus the new Indra). 3

Then the vanquished Devas headed by Prajapati Brahma sought refuge of Shiva and Vishnu. 4
The Devas narrated to them in detail, their woeful story of defeat wrought by Mahishasura. 5

“Mahishasura himself has assumed the duties of Surya, Indra, Agni, Vayu, Chandra, Yama and Varuna and others. 6
Deposed from heaven by that wicked Mahishasura, the hosts of Devas wander on the earth like mortals. 7
All that has been done by the foe of Devas, has been related to you both, and we have sought your assylum. May both of you be pleased to think out the means of his destruction.” 8

Having thus heard the words of the Devas lead by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were furious, and their fierce faces knit their eyebrows in frown. 9

Thus issued forth a great light from the faces of an angry Vishnu, the wielder of discus, Brahma and The Great Lord Shiva. 10
From the bodies of Indra and other devas also sprang forth a very great light. And this light united together. 11

The Devas beheld that concentration of light stationed at the monastery of sage Katyayana, like a burning mountain, pervading all the quarters with its flames. 12
Then that unique light, produced from the bodies of all the Devas, pervading the three worlds with its lustre, combined into one and became a female form. 13

By Shiva’s sheen, Her face was formed; by Yama’s Her hair and by Vishnu’s Her eighteen arms. 14 
By Chandra’s sheen Her two breasts; By Indra’s Her waist, by Varuna’s Her thighs and by earth’s Her buttocks. 15

By Brahma’s sheen Her feet; by Surya’s Her toes, by Vasus’s Her fingers, by Kubera’s Her nose. 16
By sheen of Prajapatis like Daksha etc, Her teeth and by Agni’s Her three eyes. 17
By sheen of Sandhyas Her eye-brows, by Vayu’s Her ears and by the sheen of other Devas like Vishvakarma, thus manifested that illustrious Durga, the Shakti of Lord Shiva. 18

Then looking at Her, who had come into being from the assembled lights of all the Devas, the immortals who were oppressed by Mahishasura rejoiced. 19

Lord Shiva, the wielder of Pinaka, drew forth a trident from His own and offered it to Mahadevi; and Vishnu bringing forth a discus from his own offered it to Her. 20
Varuna gave Her a conch, Agni a spear; and Vayu gave a bow as well as two quivers full of arrows. 21

Indra, lord of devas, bringing forth a thunderbolt from his own and a bell from his elephant Airavata, gave it to Her. 22
Yama gave a staff from his own staff of Death and Varuna, the lord of waters, a noose; and Prajapati Brahma gave a rosary and a water-pot. 23

Surya illuminated Durga Devi with his own radiance and Mahakala Shiva gave a shining sword and a shield. 24

The milk-ocean gave a pearl necklace, a pair of un-decaying garments, a divine crown, a pair of ear-rings, bracelets, a crescent moon ornament, armlets on all arms, a pair of shining anklets, a unique necklace and excellent rings on all the fingers. 25-27 
Visvakarman gave her a battle-axe, weapons of various forms and also an impenetrable armour. 28
The ocean gave Her a garland of unfading lotuses for Her head and another for Her breast, besides a very beautiful lotus in Her hand. The Himalaya gave Her a lion mount and various jewels while Kubera gave Her a wine-cup. 29
Vasuki, who supports this earth, gave Her a serpent-necklace bedecked with best jewels.  31
Honoured likewise by other devas also with ornaments and weapons, Durga, the mother of world, gave out a blood-curdling roar with a decrying laugh again and again. 32
By Her unending, fierce, formidable roar the entire sky was filled, and there was great reverberation. 33
All worlds shook, the seas trembled. The earth quaked and all the mountains rocked. 34 
“Victory to you,” exclaimed the Devas in joy to that Simhavahini. The sages, who bowed their bodies in devotion, extolled her. 35
Seeing the three worlds agitated the foes of Devas, mobilized all their armies and rose up together with uplifted weapons. 36
Mahishasura, exclaiming in wrath, “Ah! What is this?” rushed towards that roar, surrounded by innumerable asuras. 37
Then he saw that Durga Devi, pervading the three worlds with Her lustre. Making the earth sink under Her feet, scraping the sky with Her diadem, with the twang of Her bowstring resounding upto underworld, and standing there pervading all the quarters around with Her thousand arms. 38-39
Then a battle issued between that Devi and the enemies of Devas, in which the quarters of the sky were illumined by the weapons and arms hurled diversely. 40
 Mahishasura’s generals, Chikshura and Chamara, attended by forces comprising four parts, and other (asuras) fought. 41
Asura named Udagra with sixty thousand chariots, and Mahahanu with ten millions of chariots gave battle. 42
Asiloma, with fifteen million chariots, and Baskala with six millions fought in that battle. Parivarita with many thousands of elephant corps and cavalry, and surrounded by ten millions of chariots, fought in that battle. 43-44
Asura Bidala fought with five hundred crores of chariots. And other great Asuras, thousands in number, surrounded with chariots, elephant corps and cavalry fought with Devi in that battle. 45

Mahishasura was surrounded in that battle with thousands of crores of cavalry, elephant corps and chariots. 46-47
Others fought in the battle against Devi with iron maces and javelins, with spears and clubs, with swords, axes and halberds. 48
Some hurled spears and others nooses; some stroke Devi with swords in order to kill her. 49
Showering Her own weapons and arms, that Devi Chandika very easily cut into pieces all those weapons and arms. 50
Without any strain on Her face, and with gods and sages extolling Her, Parameshvari hurled Her weapons at the the Asuras. 51
And the lion mount of Devi, shaking its mane in rage, stalked among the hosts of the Asuras like forest-fire. 52
The sighs which Ambika, engaged in the battle, heaved became at once Her battalions by hundreds and thousands. 53
Energized by the power of the Devi, they fought with axes, javelins, swords, halberds, and destroyed the Asuras. 54
Of these battalions, some beat war-drums, some blew conches and others played on mridangams in that great war-celebration. 55
Then Devi killed hundreds of Asuras with her trident, club, showers of spears, swords and the like. 56
She threw down others who were stupefied by the noise of her bell; and binding others with Her noose, She dragged them on the ground. 57
Some were cutt into two by the swing of Her sword, and others, smashed by the blows of Her mace, lay down on the ground and died. 58
Some severely hammered by pestle vomited blood while those impaled by Her trident, some fell on the ground. 59
Pierced all over by Her arrows and resembling porcupines, some of the enemies of Devas died on that field of battle. 60
Some had their arms cut off, some their necks broken and decapitated heads of others rolled down. Some others were torn asunder in the middle of their trunks. 61
Some great Asuras fell on the ground with their legs severed. Some were rendered one-armed, one-eyed, and one-legged were again clove in twain by the Devi. And others, though beheaded, fell and rose again. 62

Beheaded trunks fought with the Devi with best weapons in their hands. Some of these beheaded trunks danced there in the battle to the rhythm of the musical instruments. 63

Beheaded trunks of some other great Asuras, with their swords, spears and lances still in their hands, yelled at Devi ‘Stop, stop’. 64
That part of earth where the battle was fought became impassable with the corpses of Asuras, elephants and horses and broken chariots. 65

The blood of Asuras, elephants and horses flowed like rivers amidst that army of the Asuras. 66
As fire consumes a huge heap of straw and wood, so did Ambika destroy that vast army of Asuras in no time. 67

And Her lion mount, roaring aloud with quivering mane, prowled about in the battlefield, snatching out the vital breaths of the Asuras. 68
In that battlefield the battalions of the Devi fought in such a manner with the Asuras that the Devas of heaven, showed flowers and extolled them. 
Thus ends the second chapter narrating the slaughter of the armies of Mahishasura of Devi Mahatmyah in Markandeya Purana, during the reign of Savarni Manu.
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