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Chapter twelve (Devi's words)

Om prostrations to Chandika

She who is brilliant like lightning bolt, seated on a lion, fierce, served by maidens/Matrikas armed swords, machetes and shields, who holds discus, machete, shield, arrow and bow, bestower of qualities, displaying Tarjani Mudra (pointing index finger menacingly), adorned with crescent-moon, I worship that Durga Devi who is fiery and three-eyed.

Om prostrations to Chandika

Devi said: 1

“Whoever with a concentrated mind shall pray to me constantly with these, hymns, I shall without doubt put down every trouble of his. 2

Those who shall laud (the story of) the destruction of Madhu and Kaitabha, the slaughter Nisumbha likewise. 3

Those also who shall listen with devotion to this sublime poem on my greatness on Ashtami, the Chaturdashi and Navami of a fortnight with concentrated mind, to them nothing wrong shall happen, nor calamities that arise from wrong doings nor poverty and never separation from beloved ones. 4-5

He shall not experience fear from enemies, or from robbers and kings, or from weapon, fire and flood. 6

Hence this poem of my greatness must be chanted by men of concentrated minds and listen to always with devotion; for it is the supreme course of well-being. 7

May this poem of my glories quell all epidemic calamities, as also the threefold natural calamities. 8

The place of my sanctuary where this poem is duly recited every day, I will never forsake and there my presence is certain. 9

When oblation is offered, during worship, in the Yajna, and at a great festival, all this poem on my acts must be chanted and heard. 10

I will accept with love the animal sacrifice and worship that are made and the Yajna that is offered likewise, whether they are done with due knowledge or not. 11

During autumnal season, when the great annual worship is performed, the man hearing this glorification of mine with devotion shall certainly through my grace, be delivered without doubt from all troubles and be blessed with riches, grains and children. 12-13

Hearing this glorification and auspicious appearances of mine, and my feats of prowess in battles, a man becomes fearless. 14

Enemies perish, welfare accrues and the family rejoices for those who listen to this glorification of mine. 15

Let one listen to this glorification of mine everywhere, at a propitiatory ceremony, on seeing a bad dream, and when there is the great evil influence of planets. 16

Evil portents subside, as also the unfavourable influence of planets, and the bad dream seen by men turns into a good dream. 17

It creates peacefulness in children harassed by the Ashiva Matrikas, and it is the best promoter of friendship among men when split occurs in their union. 18

It diminishes most effectively the power of all wicked men. Verily demons, goblins, and ogres are destroyed by its mere chanting. 19

This entire glorification of mine draws a devotee very near to me. And by means of finest cattle, flowers, welcome and incenses, and by perfumes and lamps, by feeding Brahmins, by oblations, by sprinkling consecrated water, and by various other offerings and Dakshina if one worships day and night in a year-the gratification, which is done to me, is attained by listening but once to this holy story of mine. The chanting and hearing of the story of my manifestations remove sins, and grant perfect health and protect one from evil spirits; and when my martial exploit in the form of the slaughter of the wicked Daityas is listened to, men will have no fear from enemies. And the hymns uttered by you, and those by the divine sages, and those by Brahma bestow a pious mind. He who is lost on a lonesome spot in a forest, or is surrounded by forest fire, or who is surrounded by robbers in a desolate spot, or who is captured by enemies, or who is pursued by a lion, or tiger, or by wild elephants in a forest, or who, under the orders of a wrathful king, is sentenced to death, or has been imprisoned, or who is tossed about in his boat by a tempest in the vast sea, or who is in the most terrible battle under shower of weapons, or who is amidst all kinds of dreadful troubles, or who is afflicted with pain – such a man on remembering this story of mine is saved from his strait. Through my power, lions etc., robbers and enemies, flee from a distance from him who remembers this story of mine.” 20-30 
The sage said: 31

Having spoken thus Bhagavati Chandika, fierce in prowess, vanished on that very spot even as Devas watched. 32

Their foes having been killed, all the Devas were delivered from fear; all of them resumed their own duties as before and participated in their shares of sacrifices. 33

When the exceedingly valorous Sumbha and Nisumbha, the most fierce foes of Devas, who brought ruin on the world, and who were unparalleled in prowess had been slain by Devi in battle, the remaining Daityas went away to Patala. 34

Oh King, thus The Supreme Mother Goddess, although eternal, by taking Avatars again and again, protects the world. 35

That Devi is the creatrix as well as one who deludes. He who propitiates Her without any wish, She bestows Brahmavidya unto him; he who propitiates Her for fulfilment of desires is bestowed with prosperity. 37

Oh king, at the time of Pralaya, that Devi Mahakali pervades all worlds as Mahamari. 38

That unborn, eternal Devi creates as Brahma, sustains as Vishnu and annihilates as Rudra. 39

In good time, She indeed is abundance of happiness and prosperity; and in bad time, She as misfortune showers sorrows and poverty and thus brings down wanton destruction. 40

When praised and worshipped with flowers, incense, perfumes, etc., She bestows wealth and sons, and a mind bent on righteousness and prosperous life. 41
Thus ends the twelfth chapter dealing with the eulogy of the merits of reciting Devi Mahatmyah of Markandeya Purana, during the reign of Savarni Manu.
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