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Chapter three (Slaying of Mahishasura)

Om prostrations to Chandika

She, who is of reddish complexion like the rising sun, wears red clothes and a garland of skulls, who with Her four lotus hands holds a rosary, a book and displayes gestures of bestowing boons & fearlessness,  whose breasts are smeared with blood, whose lotus-like face is adorned with three eyes, whose crown has a crescent-moon jewel; I eulogise that ever smiling Bhairavi Devi.

Om prostrations to Chandika

Then Chikshura, the Asura general, seeing that army being slain by Devi, advanced in anger to fight with Ambika. 1-2

That Asura rained showers of arrows on the Devi in the battle, even as a cloud (showers) rain on the summit of Mount Meru. 3

Then the Devi, easily cutting asunder the masses of his arrows, killed his horses and the charioteer with Her arrows. 4

Forthwith She split his bow and lofty banner, and with Her arrows fell that Asura whose bow had been cut. 5

His bow shattered, his chariot broken, his horses killed and his charioteer slain, the Asura armed with sword and shield rushed at Devi. 6

Swiftly he smote the lion on the head with his sharp-edged sword and struck the Devi also on Her left arm. 7

Oh king, his sword broke into pieces as it touched Chandika’s arm. Thereon his eyes blood-shot with anger, he grasped his trident. 8

Then the great Asura flung at Bhandrakali the trident, blazing with lustre, as if he was hurling the very sun from the skies. 9

Seeing that trident coming upon Her, Devi hurled Her trident that shattered both Chikshura and his trident into a hundred fragments. 10

Mahishasura’s very valiant general having been killed, Chamara, the tormentor of Devas, mounted on an elephant, advanced. 11

He hurled his spear at Devi. Ambika quickly rendered it useless with a battle-cry, causing it to fall on the ground. 12

Seeing his spear broken and fallen, Chamara, full of rage, flung a trident, and She split that also with Her arrows. 13

Then the lion, leaping up and seating itself at the dome of elephant’s forehead, wrestled with that foe of the devas. 14

Fighting, the two then fell on earth from the back of the elephant, wrestled, delivering the most terrible blows at each other. 15

Then the lion, springing up quickly to the sky, and descending, beheaded Chamara with a blow from its paw. 16

And Udagra was killed in the battle by Devi with stones, trees and the like, and Karala bitten by Her teeth and fists and slaps. 17

Enraged, Devi ground Uddhata to powder with the blows of Her club, impaled Baskala with a trident, and destroyed Tamra & Andhaka with arrows. The three-eyed Parameshvari impaled Ugrasya, Ugravirya and Mahahanu also with Her trident. 18-19

With Her sword She beheaded Bidala, and dispatched both Durdhara and Durmukha to the abode of Death with Her arrows. 20

Seeing his army was thus being destroyed, Mahishasura terrified the troops of the Devi with his own buffalo form. 21

Some hit by a blow of his muzzle, some were trampled under his hooves, some by the lashes of his tail, and others by the pokes of his horns. 22

Some he laid low on the face of the earth by his impetuous speed, some by his bellowing and wheeling movement, and others by the blast of his breath. 23

Having laid low Devi’s army, Mahisasura rushed to slay the lion of Mahadevi. This enraged Ambika. 24

Mahisasura, great in valour, pounded the surface of the earth with his hooves in rage, tossed up the high mountains with his horns, and bellowed terribly. 25

Crushed by the velocity of his wheeling, the earth disintegrated, and lashed by his tail, the sea overflowed all around. 26

Pierced by his swaying horns, the clouds went into fragments. Cast up by the blast of his breath, mountains fell down from the sky in hundreds. 27

Seeing the great Asura swollen with rage and advancing towards Her, Chandika displayed Her wrath in order to slay him. 28

She flung a noose over him and bound the great Asura. Thus bound in the great battle, he quit buffalo form. 29

Then he guised as a lion suddenly. While Ambika beheaded him, he took the guise of a swordsman. 30

Immediately then the Devi with Her arrows dismembered the man together with his sword and shield. Then he became a giant elephant. 31

The elephant tugged at the great lion with his trunk and roared loudly, but as he was dragging, Devi cut off his trunk with Her sword. 32

The great Asura then resumed his buffalo shape and shook the three worlds with their movable and immovable objects. 33

Enraged, Chandika, the Mother of world, sipped wine from Her wine-cup again and again, and laughed with blood-shot eyes. 34

The Asura too snorted intoxicated with his strength and valour, and hurled mountains against Chandika with his horns. 35

She with showers of arrows pulverized those mountains hurled at Her, and spoke to him in drunken words, the colour of Her face accentuated with the intoxication of wine. 36
Devi said: 37

“Snort, you fool till I drink this wine. When you will be slain by me, then Devas shall soon roar in this very place.” 38
The sage said: 39

Having exclaimed thus, She jumped and landed Herself on that great Asura, pinning him on the neck with Her foot and impaled him with Her trident. 40

And thereupon, tortured under Her foot, Mahisasura half issued forth from his own mouth in guise of a man, being paralysed by the valour of Devi. 41

Fighting thus with his half-revealed form, the great Asura was felled by Devi, who beheaded him with Her great sword. 42

Then, crying in consternation, the whole asura army perished and ran amock in panic; and all the hosts of Devas were in exultation. 43 
With the great sages of heaven, the Devas praised Devi. The Gandharva chiefs sang and the bevies of Apsaras danced. 44
Thus ends the third chapter dealing with the slaying of Mahisasura of Devi Mahatmyah in Markandeya Purana, during the reign of Savarni Manu.

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