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Chapter thirteen (Boons conferred to King Suratha and Merchant Samadhi)

Om prostrations to Chandika

She who is bright as rising sun, four-armed and three-eyed, holding noose and goad while conferring boons and protection, I meditate upon that ever-auspicious Jagadamba Bhuvaneshvari.

 Om prostrations to Chandika

The sage said: 1

“I have thus narrated to you, Oh King, this sublime treatise of Devi Mahatmyah (magnanimity of the Goddess). 2

The Devi is endowed with such majestic power. By Her this world is upheld. Knowledge is similarly conferred by Her, that Bhagavati who is all-pervading Maya. By Her, you, this merchant and other men of discrimination, have been deluded; others were deluded in the past, and will be deluded (in the future). 3-4

Oh great King, seek solace in Her, the Shakti of Ishvara (Lord Shiva). She indeed when worshipped bestows on men enjoyment, heaven and final release.” 5
Markandeya said: 6

Oh great sage, King Suratha who had become despondent consequent on his excessive attachment and the deprivation of his kingdom, and the merchant, having heard this speech prostrated before the illustrious Rishi of sever penances and immediately repaired to perform austerities. 7

Both king and the merchant, in order to obtain a vision of Amba, stationed themselves on the bank of a river and practised penances, chanting the supreme Devi Sukta. 8-9

Having made an earthen image of Devi on the river bank, they both worshipped Her with flowers, incense, fire and libation of water. 10

Now abstaining from food, and now restraining in their food, with their minds on Devi and with concentration, they both offered sacrifices of their own blood. 11

When they, with controlled minds propitiated Her thus for three years, Jagadamba Chandika was well pleased and spoke to them in visible form. 12-13
Devi said: 14

“What you solicit, O King, and you, the delight of your family, receive all that from me. Well-leased I bestow those to you both.” 15
Markandaya said: 16

Then the King chose a kingdom, imperishable even in another life, and in this life itself, his own kingdom wherein the power of his enemies is destroyed by force. 17

Then the wise merchant also, whose mind was full of dispassion for the world, chose that Tatva Jnana which dispels the concept of ‘mine’ and ‘I’. 18
Devi said: 19

“O King, after slaying your foes in a few days, you shall obtain your own kingdom and it shall last with you there. 20-21

Upon death, you shall be reborn in the race of Vivasvat (Sun), and shall be a Manu on earth by name Savarni. 22-23

Oh excellent merchant, I grant you the boon which you have desired of me. You shall attain Brahmavidya, for your self-realization.” 24-25
Markandeya said: 26

Having thus granted them both their choicest boon, Devi disappeared forthwith, even when they were eulogising Her with devotion. 27

Having thus gained the boon from Devi, Suratha, the foremost of Ksatriyas, shall be reborn through Surya, and shall be the eighth Manu named Savarni in next Manvantara. 28
Thus ends the thirteenth chapter dealing with the boons bestowed upon Suratha and the merchant of Devi Mahatmyah in Markandeya Purana, during the reign of Savarni Manu.

Thus ends the Devi Mahatmyah.
Om tat sat Om.
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