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Chapter six (Slaying of Dhumralochana)

Om prostrations to Chandika

She who has Vasuki as Her couch, wearing a garland of Naga Manis, whose appearance is brilliant, whose crest is adorned by a crescent-moon, who is of reddish complexion like rising sun, three-eyed, who holds a rosary,  a water-pot, a severed head and a lotus in Her four hands and who is seated on the chest of Lord Shiva, the Jnaneshvara; I meditate upon that Padmavati Guhyakalika.

 Om prostrations to Chandika

The sage said: 1

The emissary, filled with indignation on hearing the words Devi, returned and related them in detail to the king of Daityas. 2

Then the Asura monarch, enraged on hearing that report from his emissary, addressed Dhumralochana, a Daitya chieftain thus: “Oh Dhumralochana, hasten together with your army and fetch here by force that wicked lady, distressed when dragged by her hair. 3-4

If anyone tries to save her, let him be slain, be he a Deva, a Yaksa or a Gandharva. 5
The sage said: 6

Then Asura Dhuralochana, commanded thus by Sumbha, went forth quickly, accompanied by sixty thousand Asuras soldiers. 7

On seeing Devi stationed on lofty mountain, he commanded Her aloud, “Go to Sumbha and Nisumbha. 8

If you refuse to go to my lord with pleasure now, here I take you by forcefully  by dragging you by your hair.” 9
Devi said: 10

“You are sent by the lord of Asuras, mighty yourself and accompanied by an army. If you dare to take me by force, do you know what can I do with you?” 11
The sage said: 12

Thus told, the Asura Dhumralochana charged towards Her and hence Ambika reduced him to ashes with a battle-cry. 13

Then the great army of Asuras became enraged and showered on Ambika sharp arrows, javelins, and axes. 14

Then the lion mount of Devi, shaking its mane in anger, and uttering a blood-curdling roar, fell on the army of Asuras. 15

Some Asuras, it slaughtered with a blow of its fore paw, others with its mouth, and other great Asuras, by treading over with its hind legs. 16

The lion, with its claws, ripped out hearts of some and beheaded many with a blow of paw. 17

And it decapitated arms and heads from some, shaking its mane drank the blood from the hearts of others. 18

In a moment all that army was destroyed by that high-spirited and exceedingly enraged lion mount of Devi. 19

When Sumbha, the lord of Asuras, heard of Dhumralochana death and defeat of his army by lion of Devi, he was infuriated, his lip quivered and he commanded thus mighty Asuras Chanda and Munda: 20-21

“Oh Chanda, oh Munda, go there with large forces, and bring her here speedily, dragging her by her hair or binding her. But if you have any doubt about doing that, then let the Asuras strike in the fight with all their weapons. 22-23

When that wicked woman is wounded and her lion stricken down, seize that Ambika, bind and bring her quickly.” 24
Thus ends the sixth chapter dealing with slaying of Dhumralochana of Devi Mahatmyah in Markandeya Purana during the reign of Savarni Manu.
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