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Chapter seven (Slaying of Chanda-Munda)

The slaying of Chanda and Munda

Om prostrations to Chandika

She who is seated on a gem-studded altar, delights in song of parrots, whose one feet rests upon a lotus pedestal, whose crest is adorned by a crescent-moon, who plays a Veena, who wears a garland of forest flowers and red clothes, who drinks wine from a conch-shell, whose wrists are adorned by conch-bangles and forehead is marked by sindura, I meditate upon that dusky complexioned Goddess Matangi.

Om prostrations to Chandika

The sage said: 1

Then at Sumbha’s command the Asuras, fully armed, and with Chanda and Munda at their head, marched in fourfold array. 2

They saw Devi, smiling gently, seated upon a lion on a huge golden peak of the great mountain. 3

On seeing Her, some of them excited themselves and made an effort to capture Her, and others approached Her, with their bows bent and swords drawn. 4

Thereupon Ambika got furious at those foes, and in Her anger Her countenance then became dark as ink. 5

Out from the surface of Her third-eye, fierce with frown, issued suddenly Kali of dark-complexion, armed with a sword and noose. 6

Bearing a Khatvanga, wearing a garland of severed heads, clad in a tiger’s skin, formidable owing to Her emaciated flesh, with gaping mouth, fearful with Her tongue lolling out, having deep-sunk reddish eyes and filling the regions of the sky with Her roars, and falling upon impetuously and slaughtering the great Asuras in that army, She devoured those hosts of the foes of Devas. 7-9

Snatching the elephants with one hand She tossed them into Her mouth with their mahouts and their warrior-riders and bells. 10

Taking likewise into Her mouth the cavalry with the horses, and chariot with its driver, She chewed them most frightfully with Her teeth. 11

She seized one by the hair and another by the neck; one She crushed by stumping upon, and another punching on his chest. 12

And She caught with Her mouth the weapons and the great arms shot by those Asuras and chewed them up with Her teeth in fury. 13

She destroyed all that host of mighty and wicked Asuras, devoured some and battered others. 14

Some were killed with Her word, some were beaten with Her khatvanga, and other Asuras met their death being chewed up by Her teeth. 15

On seeing all the hosts of Asuras laid low in a moment, Chanda charged at that Kali, who was exceedingly formidable. 16

The great Asura Chanda with a terrible showers of arrows, and Munda with discuses hurled in thousands covered that fiery-eyed Devi. 17

Those numerous discuses, disappearing into Her mouth, looked like numerous solar orbs disappearing into the midst of a cloud. 18

Thereat Kali, who was roaring frightfully, whose fearful teeth were gleaming within Her dreadful mouth, uttered a fierce laughter in fury. 19

Then the Devi, mounting upon Her great lion, charged at Chanda, and seizing him by his hair, beheaded him with Her sword. 20

Seeing Chanda laid low, Munda also charged at Her. She felled him also the ground, striking him with Her sword in fury. 21

Seeing the most valiant Chanda and Munda laid low, the remaining army panicked and ran amuck. 22

And Kali, holding the heads of Chanda and Munda, approached Chandika and said, Her words mingled with very loud laughter. 23

“Here have I brought you the heads of Chanda and Munda as two great animal offerings in this sacrifice of battle; Sumbha and Nisumbha, you shall yourself slay.” 24
The sage said: 25

Thereupon seeing those Asuras, Chanda and Munda brought to Her, the auspicious soft-spoken Chandika spoke to Kali thus: “Because you have brought me both Chanda and Munda, you oh Devi, shall be renowned in the world by the name Chamunda.” 26-27 
Thus ends the seventh chapter dealing with the slaying of Chanda and Munda of Devi Mahatmyah in Markandeya Purana, during the reign of Savarni Manu.

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