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Chapter nine (Slaying of Nisumbha)

Om prostrations to Chandika

She whose complexion is like red hibiscus or molten gold, who has a crescent moon as crest, three-eyed, holding a rosary, noose, goad and bestowing boons, I seek solace in that Supreme Goddess, who is Lord Shiva’s better half.

Om prostrations to Chandika

The king said: 1

“My lord! Wonderful is this that you have related to me about the feat of Devi slaying Raktabija. 2

I wish to hear further what the very irate Sumbha and Nisumbha did after Raktabija was thus killed.” 3
The sage said: 4

“After Raktabija and other Asuras were killed in the battle, the Asuras Sumbha & Nisumbha gave way to unbounded wrath. 5

Enraged on seeing his great army slaughtered, Nisumbha then marched with the chief forces of the Asuras. 6

In front of him behind him and on both sides of him, great Asuras, enraged and biting their lips, advanced to slay Devi. 7

Sumbha also, mighty in valour, went forward, surrounded, with his own troops to slay Chandika in this rage, after fighting with the Matrikas. 8

Then commenced a fierce battle between Devi with Sumbha & Nisumbha who, like two thunder-clouds, rained a most tempestuous shower of arrows on Her. 9

Chandika with numerous arrows quickly split the arrows shot by the two Asuras and smote the two Asura lords on their limbs with Her mass of weapons. 10

Nisumbha, grasping a sharp sword and a shining shield, struck the lion mount of Devi on head. 11

When Her mount was struck, Devi quickly cut Nisumbha’s superb sword with a sharp-edged arrow and also his shield which had the brilliance of eight moons. 12

When his shield was slit and his sword too broken, the Asura hurled his spear; and that missile also, as it advanced towards Her, was split into two by Her discus. 13

Then that Danava Nisumbha, swelling with wrath, seized a trident; that Devi powdered with a blow of Her fist. 14

Then brandishing his club, he flung it at Chandika; cleft by the trident of  Devi, it also turned to ashes. 15

Then Devi hit the heroic Danava charging with a battle-axe in hand with arrows, and knocked him unconscious. 16

When his brother Nisumbha of terrific prowess fell to the ground, Sumbha got infuriated, and strode forward to slay Ambika. 17

Standing in his chariot and grasping excellent weapons in his long and incomparable eight arms, he shone by pervading the entire sky. 18

Seeing him approaching, Devi blew Her conch, and made a twang of Her bow-string, which was unbearable in the extreme. 19

Devi filled all directions with the ringing of Her bell, which destroys the strength of all Daitya hosts. 20

The lion filled the heaven, the earth and the ten quarters of the sky with blood-curdling roars, which made the elephants give up their violent rut. 21

Kali, leapt into the sky, and struck the earth with both Her hands; by its noise all the previous sounds were drowned. 22

Shivaduti uttered a fierce laughter, Asuras were frightened by those sounds, and Sumbha flew into an utmost rage. 23

As Ambika said, ‘You scoundrel! stop, stop’, the Devas stationed in the sky cheered Her with the words, ‘Be victorious’. 24

The spear, flaming most terribly and shining like a mass of fire, which Sumbha approaching hurled was, as it was coming along, was countered by Devi’s Maholka spear. 25

Oh king! The space between the three worlds was pervaded by Sumbha’s lion-like roar, but the dreadful thunder-clap of Devi smothered that. 26

Devi split the arrows shot by Sumbha, and vice versa. 27

Then Chandika became angry and impaled him with a trident. Wounded therewith, he fainted and fell to the ground. 28

Then Nisumbha, regaining consciousness seized his bow and shot arrows at Devi, Kali and the lion. 29

And the scion of Danu, the progeny of Diti, putting forth a myriad arms, covered Chandika with myriad discuses. 30

Then Bhagavati Durga Durgartiharini, became angry and split those discuses and those arrows with Her own arrows. 31

Thereupon Nisumbha, surrounded by Daitya host, swiftly seizing his club, rushed at Chandika to slay Her. 32

As he was just rushing at Her, Chandika colve his club with Her sharp-edged sword; and Nisumbha took hold of a dart. 33

As Nisumbha, the tormentor of Devas, was charging with dart in hand, Chandika swung Her trident and impaled him. 34

From Nisumbha’s chest that was impaled by the trident, issued forth another person of great strength and valour, exclaiming thus ‘Stop.’ 35

Then Devi, resounding with a fierce laughter, Beheaded him, who issued forth, with Her sword. Thereupon he fell to the ground. 36

The lion then devoured those Asuras whose necks he had crushed with his canines while Kali and Shivaduti devoured others. 37

Some great Asuras perished, being impaled by the spear of Kaumari. Others were repulsed by the water purified by the incantation of Brahmani. 38

Others fell, impaled by the trident of Maheshvari; some were powdered on the ground by the blows from the snout of Varahi. 39

Some Danavas were dismembered by the discus of Vaishnavi, and others again by the thunderbolt discharged of Aindri. 40
Some Asuras perished, some fled from the great battle, and others were devoured by Kali, Shivaduti and the lion. 41
Thus ends the ninth chapter dealing with the Slaying of Nisumbha of Devi Mahatmyah in Markandeya Purana during the reign of Savarni Manu.
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