Thursday, 1 January 1970

Aparadhkshama Stotram

Hymn of wish-fulfilment
Hymn of seeking forgiveness

Om prostrations to Chandika

Oh Shakti of Lord Maheshvara (Shiva), if I have pronounced any word the wrong way or committed any grammatical mistake during Chandi Path, let that be corrected by your grace. 1

Oh Jagadambike!  If by mistake I have pronounced any word without the knowledge of Visarga and Chandrabindu, let that be corrected by your grace and let I achieve my motive. 2

Oh Jagadambe! If due to my stubbornness or hasty recital if each word has been uttered by me with or without devotion and regard or disregard of Matra, Anusvara, Visarga, Pada, Sandhi and Samasa etc.; if something has been uttered or omitted due to greed or ignorance, by your blessings let that be corrected. 3

Oh Mother Bhagavati,  be pleased with me.  Oh Bhaktavatsale, be pleased with me. Oh Devi, have mercy on me. Oh Durge Devi, salutations to you. 4

Om tat sat Om.
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